ProRep Tortoise Life Edible Bedding

Can be used as a substrate and supplement

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  • A substrate that is edible, ideal for Mediterranean tortoises
  • Contains a diverse mixture of dried plants and flowers
  • Promotes natural grazing behaviour
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This Edible Tortoise Life contains a diverse mixtures of dried plants and flowers, all of which can safely be consumed by tortoises. This can be used as a substrate, or on top of an existing substrate, encouraging a natural grazing behaviour for your tortoises.

This mix of edible grasses, herbs and flowers is ideal for long term grazing by tortoises, providing them with a constant fibre top up, whilst also encouraging natural behaviour that adds enrichment to their life as well.

This Edible bedding contains: - Dried Grass, Nettles, Marigold Flowers, Raspberry Leaf, Dandelion Leaf, Hibiscus Flowers, Cornflowers, Rose Flowers, and Blue Mallow Flowers.

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