Komodo Complete Holistic Tortoise Diet (Cucumber Flavour)

A complete holistic cucumber-flavoured diet for your tortoise

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  • Complete holistic cucumber-flavoured diet for tortoises
  • High quantities of fibre, calcium and phosphorous
  • A variety of sizes to stock up on
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Look after every aspect of your European of Russian species of tortoise with this Cucumber flavour Komodo Tortoise Diet.

Best fed to your tortoise as part of a broader diet including fresh leaves, this dry tortoise food is made up from natural ingredients and is free from artificial baddies like preservatives, flavours and colours - everything in it comes from mother nature, just like the diet of a wild tortoise.

It features a high fibre content as well as a great Ca:P ratio of 3. 5:1 too.

Serve it to your tortoise wet, experimenting with the moisture levels until you spot the amount that really gets your tortoise in the mood for a meal.

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