Swell Reptiles Tortoise Herb Mix

Vital nutrients to round out your tortoise's diet

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  • Optimal tortoise diet
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What is Swell Reptiles Tortoise Herb Mix?

This is a natural mix of food for tortoises and other herbivorous reptiles. It has all the nutrients that these animals need, including calcium and phosphorus, which are important for their bones and muscles. The mix includes fruits and vegetables that help the animals digest their food and keep their metabolism working well. This food is similar to what these animals would eat in nature.



Alfalfa, green forage plants, algae, dried fruits and vegetables, rosemary, hibiscus flowers, blueberry leaves.


Twice daily at a rate of one teaspoon per reptile or turtle present. Combine with Swell Reptiles Turtle Multi-Vitamin.

Analytical constituents

Crude protein: 15%, crude fat: 3.5%, crude fibre: 12%, moisture: 10%, ash: 6.5%.

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