Komodo Tortoise Snack Bar

A tasty and nutritious tortoise treat in a variety of flavours

At a glance...
  • Delicious tortoise treat bar full of nutritious vitamins
  • Six servings in each bar
  • Comes in two flavours, vegetable and flower
A great little treat for any tortoise, also great for hiding any medication.

What is the Komodo Tortoise Snack Bar?

The Komodo Tortoise Snack Bar is a 100% natural bar made from mixed flower petals or vegetables to offer a bit more variety in your tortoise's diet. The bars can be fed as it or crumbled up and dusted over other vegetation like a topping for a varied diet. Each bar comes with 6 easy break-off sections and is held together by an edible binder. The great nutritious hay base recipe is full of grass fines, for providing extra fibre to your tortoise, as well as a great blend of delicate herbs which your tortoise will love. This tortoise snack bar measures 17 x 6 x 2.5cm and has 6 easy sections to break away and feed in stages.

What are the different products in this range?

 We sell two different types of Komodo Tortoise Snack Bars; the Vegetable Bar and the Flower Bar. The Vegetable Bar is made up of sweet and nutrient-rich vegetables that will add variation to your pet's diet, supplementing their staple foods. Alternatively, the Flower Bar is packed full of flavoursome ingredients, such as rose bloom, to help get your tortoise excited about food and feeding.



Brand Komodo
Servings 6
Dimensions 17 x 6 x 2.5cm


Model Flavour
83313 Vegetable
83314 Flower
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