Komodo Tortoise Hay Cookies with Dandelion

A delicious high-fibre tortoise treat

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  • Tasty tortoise treat dandelion cookies full of fibre
  • 3 in each pack to be served solo or with other food
  • A variety of sizes to stock up on
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What are Komodo Tortoise Hay Cookies with Dandelion?

Komodo Tortoise Hay Cookies with Dandelion are a lovely tasty treat for your tortoise that helps to boost their immune system. These hay cookies are the ideal complementary food to add extra fibre to your tortoises' diet and they are packed with added Dandelion, for great nutrition as well as a lovely tasty treat to tempt your tortoise. These dried grass treats can be placed into the enclosure as is, and used as enrichment for them to try and break it up, or can be crumbled and sprinkled onto other vegetation, or around the enclosure.

What are the different products in this range?

We sell two different types of Komodo Tortoise Hay Cookies at Swell, the 200g pack and the 1kg pack. The 200g pack contains three tortoise hay cookies that can be given as treats or added to larger meals to deliver key minerals and nutrients. Alternatively, the 1kg contains fifteen Komodo tortoise hay cookies with dandelion which will keep your trove of tortoise treats stocked up for a couple of weeks.



Brand Komodo


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83312 200g
83311 1kg
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