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Canned Reptile Food

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Help and advice on shopping for: Canned Reptile Food

A cooked dinner for your pet

Canned reptile food offers high-quality, cooked food for your pets including crickets, mealworms, shrimps and snails. You’ll find a variety of nutritious canned food in this range from leading reptile brands like Lucky Reptile and Zoo Med.

What is canned reptile food?

While livefood is a fantastic option for many reptiles it can take a lot of time to manage, occasionally injure your pet and be impractical - especially if you live with someone who has a fear of creepy crawlies. Canned reptile food is a great alternative to livefood as it is simply livefood that has been cooked in the can then sealed to hold all of the flavour and nutrition. Many reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates will happily eat canned food as a replacement for livefood.

Why should I buy canned reptile food?

Canned reptile food is one of the cheapest options for feeding a reptile as you’ll get a few feeds from each can of food, depending on the size of your pet. It can be served quickly, requires no upkeep or management and will last for months at a time. However, just like with livefood, we recommend serving canned reptile food with supplements, such as calcium dust, to ensure your pet gets all of the nutrition they require.

What are the main types of canned reptile food?

Canned reptile food is generally split by the type of food within the can. However, we do also sell some cans of food in different sizes so you can buy whatever amount you need to feed your pet. Most of the cans contain some sort of meat, like shrimp or snail, but we do also sell some vegetarian cans with mango and papaya in them.

What should I look for?

As with all food, the nutritional needs of your pet come first. Check exactly what sort of vitamins, proteins and fats your pet needs then try to match them up with the cans you purchase. If you are trying to switch out livefood for canned food we recommend that you buy a single can to trial first before putting in a bulk order.