Exo Terra Forest Bark

Decorative forest bark snake substrate

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  • 100% natural Fir bark snake substrate
  • Perfect for raising humidity
  • Stimulates natural digging
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Promote natural habits and instincts with Exo Terra's Forest Bark.

Made from 100% natural fir bark, this environmentally-friendly substrate offers lots of benefits to your terrarium dwelling reptile;

  • Absorbent soaks up waste easily
  • It encourages natural digging and burrowing behaviour, which will keep your pet happy!
  • Hygroscopic format, which means it takes moisture from the air, controlling humidity levels
  • Keeps the environment moist and humid - perfect for many types of reptile
  • It looks great, adding an authentic look to your pet's habitat
  • Available in three sizes; 4.4litre, 8.8 litres and 26.4 litres.

Remember here at Swell Reptiles we have a huge range of terrariums, in all sizes. So take a look if you're in the market for a new home for your scaly friend.

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