Swell Internal Digital Thermo Hygrometer

Keep track of temperature and humidity within your enclosure

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  • Temperature and humidity monitor for reptile enclosures
  • Designed to be set up within your enclosure
  • Large, easy to read digital display
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The Swell Internal Digital Thermo Hygrometer helps you to minimise the intrusion into your reptile's enclosure but still provides accurate measurements of both temperature and humidity within their vivarium.

Particularly with tropical reptiles, the heat and humidity levels within a vivarium must be carefully monitored and to ensure that optimum temperatures are retained this product will clearly display both the temperature and humidity levels in a clear and user-friendly way.

Tailor made for use on the inside of your reptile's vivarium or terrarium this product comes with a hardwearing sucker, which allows you to attach it firmly to any section of glass or smooth wood.

The sensitivity of the built-in thermometer is capable of taking measurements with a temperature range between -10C and 50C, while the humidity sensors range is between 20 and 90%. It comes with a battery, so you won't need to buy one. These are ideal for humid environments, but do ensure they are not in contact with water at all, through either mister or sprays, etc.

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