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Swell Glass Terrarium - 91 x 45 x 90cm

Paludarium for Panther chameleons, Leachianus geckos and Amazon tree boas

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  • Glass terrarium for large Geckos and Chameleons
  • Easy to build self-assembly kit
  • Large door and small side port
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This self assemble terrarium measures 91 x 45 x 90cm, and is ideal for Chameleon, larger Geckos, or arboreal dragon species, such as Water Dragons. It offers excellent all round viewing of your pet, and includes a mesh top lid and small side panels, for the best in ventilation.

There is an easy access port on the side, for access and tiding of cables, such as the thermostat and thermometer cables. The deep base is perfect for a good thick layer of substrate, such as in a bio-active environment, or to use as a paludarium, with water in the bottom.

These glass terrariums are perfect for Chameleon, and other humidity loving species, with the glass being perfect for humidity levels, whilst the mesh still providing great ventilation. The base is slightly raised, meaning a heat mat can be placed underneath, when used on a thermostat to ensure safety.

Image for illustration purpose only - background and decoration not included.

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