F10 Ready To Use Disinfectant

Refill for the F10 ready to use disinfectant bottle

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  • Pre-mixed reptile-safe disinfectant refill
  • Refill for disinfectant spray bottle
  • Combats bacteria, viruses and fungi
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F10 Ready To Use Disinfectant comes ready-diluted in amply sized 1000ml containers, complete with a reliable spray nozzle to allow the easy application to your reptile's environment.

Without using a good disinfectant, your reptile vivarium or terrarium can easily develop a potentially harmful collection of bacteria, fungi, viruses and other microbial nasties that can make you or your reptiles ill. F10 Ready to Use Disinfectant can take care of that, will just a few sprays on the majority of your reptile's surfaces and decoration as part of your regular cleaning regime.

Please Note: this product is the refill only.

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