VivExotic Repti Home (AAL) Bearded Dragon Large Black Vivarium

The ideal large black vivarium for Bearded dragons and similar-sized species

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  • Large black vivarium for medium-sized reptiles
  • Easy to assemble flat-packed kit
  • AAL (Animal Activities Licensing) approved design
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What is a VivExotic Repti Home (AAL) Vivarium?

VivExotic Repti Home (AAL) Vivariums are an excellent choice for housing a wide range of exotic pets. They offer even more space than a standard or maxi Repti Home Vivarium, making them suitable for a much wider range of species.

Not only do they offer your pet a great living space, but they're also designed to be stacked in a variety of ways, so you can make the most efficient use of your space to house multiple pets.

These great-value vivariums come in a range of colours, so you're sure to find one that looks brilliant in your home. This variation has a stylish black finish, perfect for creating contrast with the contents inside, including your beloved pet. 

  • 120cm x 62.5cm x 62.5cm when built
  • Flat-packed, easy to build
  • Stackable in a variety of ways
  • Toughened sliding glass doors
  • 'Easy vent' ventilation with cable passes
  • 15mm thick, FSC approved wooden panels

What are the features of VivExotic Repti Home (AAL) Vivariums?

VivExotic Repti Home (AAL) Vivariums have large toughened sliding glass doors, offering optimum viewing and safety for both you and your pet, along with incredibly versatile 'easy vent' ventilation slots in the rear panel, designed with cable passes to allow for better cable management.

Each VivExotic vivarium comes with a plastic plug that fits into a hole in one of the toughened glass doors, preventing the doors from opening if you have a heavier animal that may be able to push them open. A metal lock and key can be purchased separately to further secure the doors of the vivarium.

How do I assemble a VivExotic Repti Home (AAL) Vivarium?

These VivExotic vivariums are extremely easy to assemble, using as few parts as possible for a smooth and simple build. The panels have pre-drilled holes and are held together by locking screws. VivExotic estimates that the average person can put one of their vivariums together in just 10-30 minutes.

How do I maintain a VivExotic Repti Home (AAL) Vivarium?

The 15mm thick panels are created using timber from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) sustainable forests and are laminated to reduce the risk of moisture damage. However, it is still recommended to seal the inside joins of the vivarium during the building process, to prevent moisture from seeping into the chipboard and prolong the life of your vivarium.

What else do I need to buy?

This ultimately depends on the animal you choose to keep. However, you would generally need to purchase any electrical equipment, such as heating and lighting, along with substrates and decor to create the habitat itself.

It is always important to thoroughly research your chosen pet species to ensure that you can make informed decisions on the required equipment for the species in question.

Does this vivarium have an Animal Activities Licensing approved design?

Yes, the new Animal Activities Licensing guidelines brought with them the UK's first mandatory minimum sizes for reptile enclosures. While the minimum standards currently apply only to licensed businesses, the VivExotic Repti-Home range offers an opportunity for stores to change the way private keepers think about reptile housing. The new enclosures come in a range of sizes suitable for some of the most commonly kept reptiles.

What animals can I keep in a VivExotic Repti Home (AAL) Large Vivarium?

At 120cm x 62.5cm x 62.5cm, the VivExotic Repti Home (AAL) Large Vivariums are an ideal choice for medium-large reptile species such as Bearded dragons, Corn snakes and Royal pythons.

Please note: The Repti-Home range of vivariums is not compatible with the Viva+ range of cabinets

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