Exo Terra Forest Branch

Create an exotic and three dimensional vivarium decoration

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  • Natural heat treated branches
  • Can create vertical structures great for arboreal species
  • Available in three sizes
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What is the Exo Terra Forest Branch?

The Exo Terra Forest Branch is a high-quality vivarium decoration made from natural branches of grapevine. The wood is heat treated and sandblasted removing any splinters or diseases. Natural branches help create a challenging three-dimensional climbing environment in your reptile's vivarium. This wood is versatile and can be used in both a desert and rainforest environment to create a natural terrarium set-up.

Many reptile species, including Arboreal reptiles like chameleons, will love this branch. The aged hardwood branches can also be used as decor for exotic pets including snakes and amphibians. These branches recreate the natural habitats of your pet - whether it's a tropical forest, jungle or desert.

Do branches provide proper exercise for your reptile?

Many reptile species in captivity struggle to get enough exercise and maintain their health. Branches and other climbing decor give your reptiles a challenging piece of terrain to interact with and improve their strength.

Some arboreal-type reptiles and amphibians will be hesitant to climb if they don't think the decor is strong enough to support them, however, the Exo Terra Forest Branches resemble aged hardwood to encourage climbing behaviour.

What is the difference between the products in this range?

There are three products in the Exo Terra Forest Branch range, each of these natural branches resemble aged hardwood branches as seen in tropical forests and deserts alike. The largest in the range, the Exo Terra Forest Branch Large, is 22 inches long on average, although this might vary slightly as this is a natural product, while the shortest, Exo Terra Forest Branch Small, is 13 inches in length.

The different sizes are designed to suit different sizes of enclosures, however, even the shortest branch should be able to bear the weight of most reptile species. The natural branches' heat-resistant treatment also means that they are all suitable for both rainforest and desert terrariums.

What should I buy with the Exo Terra Forest Branch?

To fully integrate your forest branch into your terrarium we recommend hanging some moss off it and also buying a little extra substrate to help keep it in place. Try to think of the shapes within your terrarium, the natural decor and how the branch will change the appearance of the landscape, with some careful consideration you can create something truly eye-catching.



Brand Exo Terra
Heat treated? Yes


Product Length
Small 13 inches
Medium 18 inches
Large 22 inches
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