Swell Natural Coco Troncho Branch

The climbing frame for arid and rainforest enclosures

At a glance...
  • Strong natural coco troncho branch for arboreal enclosures
  • Covered in rough coco for easy climbing
  • Arms create the perfect natural basking spots
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The Natural Coco Troncho Branch is ideal to use more of the height of your enclosure, utilising the space and making it ideal for arboreal species. This measures in at 80cm, though each piece is handmade and they will vary slightly in shapes.

The Troncho Branch is covered in a natural Coco, giving it a great look that is ideal for both arid and rainforest enclosures. The arms allow for you to offer basking spots, or can be just used to bridge one side to the other. The Coco is ideal for grip for most lizards, and also provides a rougher surface for shedding as well.

As well as in an arboreal set up, this can also be laid down and will suit an arid set up, providing a branch for climbing over and adding natural enrichment.

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