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  • Cork branch for arboreal climbing
  • Lightweight but sturdy
  • Approximate 50 cm in length
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This is a great choice for an arid enclosure as it blends in well with sun-bleached wood.

What is the HabiStat Cork Branch?

HabiStat Cork Branches are both fantastic natural climbing areas for arboreal species and striking pieces of light-weight natural decor. As the cork branches are harvested from the cork oak tree, they are naturally appealing to climbing species, such as chameleons. This piece of natural wood is very versatile and can be used in either desert or rainforest set-ups, providing high-quality natural decor for any exotic pet's environment. Each branch has an approximate length of 50cm and can make fantastic natural climbing areas, bridges or ladders.

Which reptiles benefit from climbing decor?

Any arboreal reptile that exhibits climbing behaviour can enjoy HabiStat Cork Branches. These reptiles include many snakes and lizards, although the most well-known arboreal species are those from the chameleon family. These reptiles need vertical space to climb as much as they need horizontal space to spread out in their enclosure.



Brand HabiStat
Height 50cm
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