Lucky Reptile Bamboo Stick

Natural reptile decor ideal for Crested geckos and other reptile species

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  • Natural bamboo stick for arboreal reptiles
  • Provides a unique perch or basking spot
  • Approximate length 1m
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Excellent for decorating terrariums, a bamboo stick offers a hiding space for arboreal reptiles.

What is Lucky Reptile Bamboo Stick?

Lucky Reptile Bamboo Stick is a natural reptile tank decoration perfect for creating vertical structures in your terrarium. Made from long-lasting wood with a smooth surface, this reptile branch is 3cm in diameter and 1m in length. As bamboo is a completely natural product, each piece is completely unique and will vary. Ideal for large reptile enclosures, Lucky Reptile Bamboo Stick allows arboreal reptiles like Crested geckos and Day geckos to explore higher levels of their habitat, as well as encourages climbing and hiding. Lucky Reptile Bamboo Stick can be used for building terrariums both in desert and rainforest environments.

What are the benefits of natural bamboo sticks?

Lucky Reptile Bamboo Stick helps to create a challenging three-dimensional climbing environment in your reptile’s vivarium or terrarium. Crested geckos love bamboo because of its smooth surface and this natural decor is designed to mimic the vines and branches found within an arboreal habitat. Besides being a great decoration, bamboo sticks and branches are actually vital for your pet's stimulation and exercise, plus they provide the perfect perching and basking spots.

Dimensions Approx. Ø:3cm x L:1m
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