Swell Bendable Jungle Vines

Tremendous jungle vines, perfect for arboreal terrariums and vivariums

At a glance...
  • Artificial jungle vines for arboreal terrariums and vivariums
  • Perfect for building ladders, bridges and climbing frames
  • Rough surface makes vines extra-easy for reptiles to grip
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Create a real jungle right in your terrarium with this realistic vine. Available in three thicknesses, the two metre long Swell Jungle Vines can be bent and twisted into any shape you need.

These are the jungle vines that Swell use in our office terrarium. Our panther chameleon loves climbing the vines which we have wrapped around his perch. We twisted one end of the vine around his branch and then let the other end hand down naturally like a vine.

The Swell Jungle Vine has a rough natural texture that reptiles and frogs will love to cling to, while being strong enough to support the weight of your reptile and can be made even more stable by twisting the vines together.


Small: length 2m (78"), diameter (thickness): 10mm (0.4")

Medium: length 2m (78"), diameter: 15mm (0.6")

Large: length 2m (78"), diameter: 20mm (0.8")

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