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Wooden Vivariums

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Help and advice on shopping for: Wooden Vivariums

A dry and warm home for any pet

We stock a superb selection of high-quality wooden vivariums, well-suited to reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates that thrive in dry conditions. Within our high-quality vivarium range, you’ll find fantastic products from top reptile brands including VivExotic.

What are wooden vivariums?

Wooden vivariums are the standard reptile home for most reptiles, especially those that enjoy dry heat. One of their major benefits is that wood is ideal for insulation and retaining a warm environment. This makes them the perfect home for a wide range of desert reptiles and snakes. They are less suitable for moist and humid environments as the wood will eventually warp - we recommend investing in a glass terrarium for animals requiring such conditions.

Why should I buy wooden vivariums?

Wooden vivariums have a timeless quality that makes them a fantastic addition to any room in your home. The enclosures are at their best when homing creatures that prefer an arid environment. However, you may use a wooden vivarium for short periods under high moisture or humidity if necessary, such as when setting up a glass terrarium.

What are the main types of wooden vivariums?

Our wooden vivariums can be divided by style and size. The style of a vivarium has very little effect on its use as a home for your reptiles so we advise just choosing a style that fits in well with your home decor. The size of a vivarium is important as each animal needs an enclosure tailored to its size. We also stock stickers and sealants for decorating and assembling your vivarium respectively.

What should I look for?

Research is critical when buying any enclosure for a pet. You must ensure that the housing you’re buying is right for your pet, provides plenty of space and will be compatible with any hardware.

What accessories should I buy with my wooden vivarium?

A wooden vivarium will need to be outfitted with various accessories and pieces of hardware before it’s used to house your pet. These vary from species to species but may include heating, lighting and decor. We strongly recommend researching the needs of your pet to identify what they need in their enclosure.