Reptile Heat

We stock everything you need to keep your pet safe and happy, from heat mats to UV bulbs. Working out exactly what you need can sometimes be a little tricky, but if you're not sure what you need to buy, our experts are happy to help, just give them a call on 0161 351 4700. Alternatively, if you are starting from scratch with a new reptile, invest in one of our vivarium starter kits and get everything you need at a massive saving.

Reptile heating products are diverse in terms out format and output, from ceramic (non-light emitting) heat emitters, to reptile basking lamps, heat mats and Reptile Radiators, there is always a safe and economical way to give your reptile the heat it needs.

Most work best when connected to a reptile thermostat, allowing your reptile's habitat to automatically maintain the correct heat for their species, with minimal interference from you. We stock a range of them, including top brands as well as our own reliable yet budget range.

You can get everything you need from Swell, from the correct fittings and bulbs, right down to reliable thermometers to check up on the conditions in your vivarium or terrarium. Just take a look and add what you need to your basket, or call us on 0161 3514700 if you need a little more precise advice.