Ceramic Heaters

Ceramic heaters last longer than other forms, and are generally cheaper to run, remaining warm even after they have switched off and slowly releasing it, saving you money. They don't emit any light either, so all the power is used to create heat which is stored in the core of the unit, and released even after it shuts off. This also means that it won't affect the amount of light your reptile receives, allowing you greater control over that factor of their health and not effecting their day/night cycle.

By the time the heat emitter cools, the unit will have restarted, beginning to heat up again and start emitting more warmth.

Note: Use a good heater guard to protect your pet from the risk of burns.

We have a great range of Heat Emitters here at Swell Reptiles, all at low prices and produced by some of the leading manufacturers in the reptile industry, including out own brand, using our own reptile experience and sold at budget prices.