ProRep Basking Spot Lamp

Reptile basking bulb for basking species

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  • Creates a basking spot in your vivarium or terrarium
  • Encourages natural thermo-regulatory behaviour
  • Best used with a dimming thermostat
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What is the ProRep Basking Spot Lamp?

The ProRep Basking Spot Lamp range is designed to give day-active species the heat and light they require for natural thermoregulatory behaviour. These lights create areas of concentrated heat and light directly below them, similar to exposed basking rocks in your animal's natural environment. In these spots, a day-active species creates many important biological chemicals by using heat and light to power their internal processes. 

A basking lamp like this is also sometimes called an ambient air temperature spot lamp as it warms the air around the basking spot, heating your pet's entire enclosure, depending on the animal and enclosure size. However, unlike other similar lamps, this range has been treated to give off an appropriate colour, lamp bulbs can often give off strong colours that can confuse animals, leading them to ignore their basking site.

What is the difference between the spot lamp models?

We sell a range of ProRep Basking Spot Lamps to suit many types of lizard setups and snake setups. These include bulbs in a range of Wattages, from 25W to 150W, which can offer a wide range of intensities. The bulbs are sold to work with either ES (screw fitting) or BC (bayonet fitting) lamp fittings for easy set-up into an approved fitting.

What do I need to buy with this local hot spot lamp?

You must pair your spot lamp with the correct type of fitting and a dimming thermostat to accurately maintain the temperature gradient and prevent overheating or underheating. It's also important to buy a guard for your spot lamp to protect your pet from burns or other injuries.



Model Wattage Fitting
Basking Spot Lamp 40W BC Fitting 40W BC
Basking Spot Lamp 60W BC Fitting 60W BC
Basking Spot Lamp 100W BC Fitting 100W BC
Basking Spot Lamp 40W ES Fitting 40W ES
Basking Spot Lamp 60W ES Fitting 60W ES
Basking Spot Lamp 100W ES Fitting 100W ES
Basking Spot Lamp 25W ES Fitting 25W ES
Basking Spot Lamp 150W ES Fitting  150W ES
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