Reptile Tank Decoration

Whatever reptile you have, you can find the artificial plants, rocks, vines, branches and natural decors your need right here, giving you more choice when it comes to how your vivarium or terrarium looks and feels.

How To Decorate Your Reptile Tank

First thing is first - your reptile's needs. Are they a desert dwelling reptile? If so, you will want to think about basking rocks and hides first - somewhere for them to relax and soak up some rays from your reptile lighting. Swell Reptiles stock a range, from artificial rocks to dried wood from species that are safe for reptiles. You can position these wherever you want, but underneath your reptiles heat bulb is better.

You can also add artificial plants like cacti to give it a real desert feel!

If you have a rainforest reptile, this arguably allows you a few more options - rainforests are abundant with different plants, vines and branches, and we stock a huge range of realistic looking ones to allow you to decorate a terrarium to the highest standards, giving reptile beautiful places to hide and climb. Don't forget to take a look at grabbing an authentic looking waterfall too!

Many of the reptile decorations in this section aren't just pretty, they are functional too - with artificial plants like Drippers pooling water in them and dripping it off, just like the leaves in the rainforest.

Hollow logs and hides can provide excellent hiding places for your reptiles and amphibians, while rocks and branches can give them platforms for basking on.