Artificial Decor

Artificial decor is often safer that natural decor. We only stock the best brands in the industry in this section, as well as our own products offering great value for money, and the reason we do this is because these brands use non-reactive materials to create their hides, rocks and other reptile decorations.

Because they are non-reactive materials, they are less likely to affect, or be effected by the conditions in your vivarium or terrarium, such as heat, water, UV or any chemicals that might be added for the sake of the reptile. This means the chance of them being destroyed or leaking chemicals is low in comparison to some natural decor.

Artificial decor has come a long way in recent years, with some truly fantastic and authentic looking models being released, allowing you to get the most natural look and feel in your reptile tank for your scaly friend, and even go for something that is a little more out of this world, like T Rex heads and Crocodile Skulls!