Swell Premium Reptile Hammock

The ideal happy pet hammock for your reptile

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  • Soft nylon mesh hammock
  • Creates an accessible multi-dimensional perch
  • Great basking spot for climbing reptiles like Leopard Geckos
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This is ideal for my little lizard, he loves whiling away hours sunbathing in his hammock.

What is a Swell Reptiles Premium Hammock?

The Swell Reptiles Premium Hammock is a brilliant addition to any terrarium or vivarium. The soft nylon mesh hammock is a tough bit of material that easily attaches to the glass or plastic walls of your enclosure to create a platform, the perfect living space for reptile basking and relaxation. This premium hammock is made from a nylon material that is easy to clean and durable.

Why should I buy this premium reptile hammock?

Hammocks are a great place to sunbathe and bask for reptiles such as Crested Geckos. They are also a fantastic place for pets to unwind if they feel uncomfortable on the floor of their enclosure, which is a common problem for many arboreal species like Chameleons. Hammocks create multiple levels within an enclosure and will encourage climbing behaviours.

Which Premium Reptile Hammock should I buy?

Our hammocks are divided by size. We recommend trying to find a hammock that is a little bigger than your reptile to give them plenty of space to move around and get comfortable. If you are looking for a hammock for a Leopard Gecko we recommend the small hammocks over the extra small hammocks.

Is this reptile hammock suitable for Bearded Dragons?

This reptile hammock is not suitable to hold a fully grown Bearded Dragon, however, it can be used to give juvenile Bearded Dragons a safe basking spot or as a treat-filled shelf for your Bearded Dragon to practice climbing. Smaller reptiles like a Leopard Gecko will find plenty of space in the hammock.

Does this reptile hammock include a soft nylon mesh and suction cups?

Yes, this reptile hammock is made from soft and easy to clean nylon and attaches to the walls of your enclosure via a series of large suction cups. The combination of large suction cups and soft nylon make set up and maintenance easy.

Are there any other reptile hammocks I can buy?

Yes, we stock a variety of reptile hammocks, including our own natural woven hammock which blends well into natural decor seamlessly. Both the natural and premium hammocks are frequently bought together to create more living space within a terrarium.






Suction cups





Large 60 x 40cm
Medium 45 x 30cm
Small 20 x 30cm
Extra Small 15 x 20cm
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