Swell Reptiles Natural Woven Hammock

Give your reptiles a fantastic basking spot to relax on

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  • Naturally woven reptile hammock
  • Creates an accessible multidimensional perch
  • Great spot for arboreal relaxation
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This hammock blends into my enclosure seamlessly for a great look, love it.

What is a Swell Reptiles Natural Woven Hammock?

Swell Reptiles Natural Woven Hammock is the ideal reptile relaxation and basking area made from all-natural fibres. The sturdy reptile hammock is made from tough material and simply attaches to two walls of your enclosure to create a raised corner platform via several strong suction cups that easily affix to glass and plastic. The hammock is designed to be used for sunbathing, basking and encouraging climbing behaviours in pet reptiles. Thanks to the natural hand-woven style of the fibres, the hammock blends in well with natural terrarium decor.

Why should I buy a Swell Reptiles Natural Woven Hammock?

Your pet reptile will love sunbathing and basking in their reptile hammock. Hammocks are brilliant places for reptile relaxation, especially if your reptile struggles to feel comfortable on the ground or likes a good hiding place. Many arboreal climbers, like Chameleons, need hammocks and other structures within their enclosure to minimise stress. As a raised platform, hammocks also encourage natural climbing and basking behaviours.

Is this woven reptile hammock suitable for Bearded Dragons?

Yes, the largest hammocks in this range are suitable for Bearded dragons, however, particularly big specimens might find it a little small so you may want to look for specifically designed Bearded dragon hammocks. Juvenile Bearded dragons will be able to make plenty of use of the hammocks and the strong suction cups mean that the hammocks will take the weight of even a large Bearded dragon if they want to use the hammock for climbing.

Which Swell Reptiles Natural Woven Hammock should I buy?

Our Swell Reptiles Natural Woven Hammock range is broken into a few different shapes and sizes. Generally, we recommend choosing a reptile hammock a little bigger than your pet to ensure they will have lots of space to get comfortable.

Are there any other reptile hammocks I can buy?

We stock a range of reptile hammocks for you to choose from, including our premium reptile hammock. The Swell Reptile Hammock is made from a durable nylon mesh that is easy to clean and features the same strong suction cup design to keep your pet safe.

How do you set up a Swell Reptiles Natural Woven Hammock?

To set up the Swell Reptiles Natural Woven Hammocks, simply fix each suction cup to the sides of your vivarium or terrarium and then test out the stability of your reptile hammock gently with your hand before letting your reptiles use it.



Material Natural woven fibres
Fixture Suction cups



Model Dimensions
Small 20 x 30cm
Medium 30 x 50cm
Rectangle 20 x 40cm
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