Swell Natural Moss Bridge

Utilise the space in your enclosure and promote exploration

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  • Made from natural coco moss
  • Fits any size terrarium/vivarium
  • Fully flexible and lightweight
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This is great for creating fun builds, I keep moving it around to make new ramps and bridges.

What is a Swell Natural Coco Moss Bridge?

The Coco Moss Bridge is a fully bendable walkway path that can be positioned and easily moulded into various forms, such as hides and bridges, in your reptile enclosure. It’s made of coconut fibre, which helps to maintain humidity levels and promote exploration. The Swell Reptiles Natural Coco Moss bendy bridge is great to help you to utilise the space within your enclosure, with a completely flexible framework and natural coating, reptiles can safely climb and explore without getting injured.

What are the benefits of using coco fibre decor?

Flattened, curled, or bent around pretty much anything, the Swell Reptiles Natural Coco Moss Bridge can take on any shape you require inside your reptile enclosure. Its lightweight design makes it easy to move around inside the habitat. In arboreal setups, they can be secured into branches in the canopy and used as a walkway there, utilising the space high up whilst providing a basking area. As well as creating ramps for your pet, this bendy bridge can be used in areas to create a tunnel or great hiding area.



Material Coco moss
Dimensions 60x10cm
Suited for  Most Lizards, Snakes, Invertebrates and Amphibians
Colour Brown
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