Our range of high-quality vivariums cater for dry-loving reptiles of many different sizes, from small vivariums that are just 23 inches in length, to large cabinets and multi-vivarium stackable solutions for those who have developed quite a collection. Plenty of vivariums also have a matching cabinets, which often result in great value savings when bought together.

We also offer a huge range of different designs to suit both your reptile and your home such as the more compact Repti-Home series. These are the same great quality as the Viva+ range, but slightly shorter and thinner, so designed to fit into smaller spaces more easily.

If you're looking for a vivarium to suit a specific species of reptile such as vivariums perfect for Bearded Dragons, then why not check out the 'Shop by Reptile' section of our website.

Remember once you have found your perfect vivarium, don't forget to add some vivarium sealant to your basket!

At Swell Reptiles we offer convenient, fast, next working day delivery options which are available to most UK postcodes.