Swell Rain System Nozzle Pack

Keep your swell rain system working efficiently

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  • Replacement nozzles for the Swell rain system
  • Designed to withstand high-pressure water
  • Built-in suction cups for easy installation
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These nozzles are perfect to replace, or add more, to your Swell Rain System, including the Swell Reptiles High Pressure Rainfall System. They have an adjustable end, so can vary the output to suit the type of spray you need, and how wide it can reach, as well as adjusting the angle it points at, to get targeted water where you need, or to ensure a good even spray across the whole enclosure.

These are perfect for fitting on to the airline in our humidity systems, but will also fit any standard 4mm airline, and therefore suit most other brands too, just check your airline size.

This comes as a pack of 4, and is the nozzles only.

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