Exo Terra Monsoon Accessories

Accessories to get the most out of your monsoon system

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  • Accessories for the Exo Terra Monsoon system
  • Extension kit, nozzles, replacement filter and remote control available
  • Accessories to grow your existing terrarium setup
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Available to buy to add on on to your Exo Terra Monsoon system - extra nozzles, available in a handy 2 pack, or a Nozzle Extension Kit, to allow for the perfect placement of your Monsoon System.

The Exo Terra Monsoon Nozzles can extend the use of your Monsoon system, reaching more areas in your enclosure, or splitting it between multiple set ups, however is best to suit you. As with the initial Monsoon Nozzles, these have an adjustable flow, and come with suction pads for easy installation.

The Exo Terra Monsoon Extension Kit contains just 1 new nozzle, but also includes a Y piece splitter and extra airline for splitting easily across 2 set ups, or just expanding the range that your Monsoon can reach to.

Monsoon Replacement Water Filter is extremely fine, and purifies misting water to prevent larger particles getting through and clogging up the nozzles.

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