Exo Terra Monsoon Rain System Solo II

Automatically simulate a bout of rainfall in your terrarium

At a glance...
  • Programmable misting system
  • Maintains optimal humidity by generating a fine mist at programmed intervals
  • Complete with 1.5l water reservoir and 36.25 PSI water pressure pump
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This Exo Terra Monsoon Rain System Solo II is new and improved on their original great design. This is a programmable Misting System, complete with 1.5l water reservoir, ideal for 1 single enclosure. Upgraded from their previous model, this new Solo II includes a higher grade pressure resisitant polyether tubing, to provide a better longevity and reduce break down over a prolonged period. Also, new leak-proof joint connectors ensures peace of mind for long term use.

Featuring their characteristic sloping rooftop lid, that is deisgned to allow for easy water filling, you can just pour the water into the top without having to move the unit, quickly and efficiently refilling the 1.5l reservoir. The Solo II comes with a strong 2,5 BAR/36.25 PSI water pressure, and includes 1 nozzle for optimum spray around your enclosure, with the option to add 1 more if required.

This can be programmed to mist multiple times per 24-hour cycle, with spray durations ranging from 2 seconds up to 2 minutes, as you require.

Product characteristics at a glance:

  • Easy to connect and install.
  • Sloping Top: Leak-proof Connection.
  • Cycle Timer.
  • Sloping Top: Easy to refill.
  • Flexible spray nozzles can be pointed in any direction.
  • Easy to install tubing; fits through the closable wire/tube inlets (featured on all Exo Terra Terrariums).
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