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  • Control the lighting in your reptile's enclosure
  • Easily set intervals
  • Mechanical and digital timers available
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The timers come with 2 options, a mechanical timer or digital timer. These are both great quality ProRep items, which give you control over the lighting in your enclosures and mean you can be sure it is set up correctly for your reptile.

The mechanical timer can operate with up to 48 individual on/off slots over a 24 hour period, each slot lasting for 30 minutes. The timer itself can be set as continuously on, continuously off or set to the pre-determined times you have set up. This is ideal for lighting, based on having your lights on during the day and off at night.

The digital timer has an LCD display, and allows you to set intervals of 1 minute, over a 24 hour period, across 7 days a week, so this can be super accurate and ensure you get the most precise times. This is best used for misters or foggers, where you need smaller intervals of power. It also has a built in battery, for short term life if there is a power cut.

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