Reptile Systems Eco T5 Unit Zone 1

Replicates sunlight, producing a full spectrum light with balanced UVA and UVB

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  • Complete reptile T5 UVB system for Ferguson Zone 1 animals
  • Stimulates vitamin D3 production for metabolic health
  • Encourages natural behaviours
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Can't fault the reptile systems eco t5 unit, it provides my geckos with powerful widespread good UV lighting and it came at an affordable price compared to other brands.

What are the Reptile Systems Eco Unit Zone 1 Gen 2 lighting kits?

The Reptile Systems Eco T5 Unit Gen 2 are high-quality lighting designed to replicate the profile of sunlight, producing a full spectrum light with balanced UVA and UVB. Available in a variety of lengths equipped with the correct Wattage bulb, these Ferguson Zone 1 UV lighting kits completely plug and play. These Zone 1 light units are powered with easy plug-in cords, which can be daisy-chain across multiple units if required, giving you flexibility in installation, as well as which sizes suit you.

Does this light provide good quality UV lighting?

Reptile Systems T5 replicate the spectrum of sunlight as closely as possible and produce a full spectrum light with a balanced amount of UVA and UVB while producing extremely natural colours. In order for reptiles to convert UV lighting into D3, a series of chemical events and reactions are required. Calcium is absorbed from the diet of reptiles through this self-regulating process, preventing metabolic bone diseases.

What are the features of the Gen 2 Eco T5 unit?

The new Gen 2 versions of the Eco T5 range provide UVB to nocturnal and crepuscular species. The Reptile Systems Eco T5 Gen 2 are lightweight units, that include the relevant T5 bulb, a built-in reflector, and the flicker-free ballast unit to power it, all ready to plug in and go. The reflector is removable if needed and can provide quality lighting across its' highly reflective surface.

How do I install a Reptile Systems Eco T5?

This is a complete plug and play kit that is incredibly easy to install into any enclosure, through either bracket on the roof of your vivarium or the mesh top of a terrarium enclosure.

Example of Ferguson Zone 1 Animals:

  • Leopard geckos
  • Crested geckos
  • Corn snakes
  • Burmese pythons
  • Dart frogs
  • Milk snakes
Product Eco T5 Unit Zone 1 8W Eco T5 Unit Zone 1 24W Eco T5 Unit Zone 1 39W Eco T5 Unit Zone 1 54W
Wattage 8W 24W 39W 54W
Length 312mm 570mm 870mm 1170mm
Bulb and reflector Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fixing kit for installation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Link cable Yes Yes Yes Yes
Straight connector Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mains power lead Yes Yes Yes Yes
Removable reflector Yes Yes Yes Yes
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