Swell Reptiles Mini Reptile Misting System

Compact misting system to simulate natural rainfall

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  • A complete mini misting system for reptile enclosures
  • Designed to sit on the side of your enclosure
  • A range of humidity programs to manage humidity
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This is a great system for adding a little extra humidity to your reptile enclosure without the need for a spray bottle.

What is the Swell Reptiles Mini Reptile Misting System?

The Swell Reptiles Mini Reptile Misting System is a compact misting system for increasing humidity levels in your terrarium. The perfect starter misting system, this set comes with a main reservoir and control panel as well as two nozzles to create a fine mist in your vivarium, ideal for frogs, tropical reptiles, tarantula and mantis displays. The programmable misting system is designed to hang on the edge of your vivarium, out of the way, and produce a continuous fine mist, so you can wave goodbye to your spray bottle.

What are the benefits of this misting system?

This automatic misting system has a range of controls that allow you to set the period of time you want the mister to run and even set specific intervals for the system to be active and shut off. Unlike many of the best reptile misting systems, this system is compact and has a bracket to hang on the edge of your tank, so you don't need to find a place to store it. This system also has two power options as it takes AA batteries and has a power cable so you can take it on the go.

How do I set up this misting system?

To set up the system you will need to attach the bracket to your vivarium then fill the 800ml reservoir and attach that to the bracket. Then simply attach the nozzles to the reservoir via the tubing included and place them in your vivarium using the suction cups on the nozzle ends. Once set up, we recommend testing the system with a quick spray and then you can set up your schedule on the LED control panel.

Do I need to buy anything else with this misting system?

As with most misting systems, you will need to use this system with a humidity gauge to ensure that the humidity level is correct for your pet. You may even want to consider a hygrostat to manage the system by turning it on and off to maintain the correct humidity level.



Brand Swell Reptiles
Dimensions 14x9.6x16.3cm
Reservoir size 800ml
Flow rate (with two nozzles) 105ml/min
Weight 0.334kg
Battery 1 x AA
Mains power? Optional
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