Swell Digital Reptile Humidifier with Built-In Hygrostat

Give your tropical reptiles the moisture they require

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  • Reptile humidifier with built-in hygrostat
  • Easy control scheme with digital display
  • Sleep mode for easy power saving
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Hitting that perfect middle point between function and efficiency, this humidifier is a must for any tropical reptile enclosure.
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What is the Swell Digital Reptile Humidifier with Built-In Hygrostat?

The Swell Digital Reptile Humidifier with Built-In Hygrostat is a reptile fogger created by Swell Reptiles with an adjustable fog output control, digital display and touchpad control. Unlike other reptile foggers, this model has a built-in hygrostat, which will monitor the precise humidity within your tropical enclosures to ensure it is at the correct level. As a compact ultrasonic humidifying fogger, the Swell Digital Reptile Humidifier is an outstanding addition to any reptile enclosure.

What are the features of this humidifier?

This ultrasonic humidifier is packed full of useful features to make maintaining your tank's humidity easier than ever before:

  • Ultrasonic humidifier - This unit uses sonic vibrations to create mist, meaning that it will produce a cool mist that shouldn't affect the overall temperature of your enclosure. This also means there is no need to worry about temperature control or offsetting the heat from the misting unit.
  • USB humidity sensor - This sensor comes with the humidifier and connects via a USB port. The sensor can be easily placed anywhere, although we recommend picking a spot further away from the humidifier in a larger tank. The sensor will then feed information directly to the hygrostat, ensuring that there is the correct amount of mist present within your enclosure.
  • Top-filling reservoir - Topping up a humidifier can be a challenge in itself, often involving a water bottle or no-spill valve. In this reptile fogger it couldn't be simpler, just pour directly into the lid and the small inlets will fill the main reservoir.
  • Touchpad control - The unit features a touchpad with four controls; a mist setting, which controls the mist volume and puts the unit into sleep mode, a power button, to turn the unit on and off, a minimum humidity button, which allows you to set the lowest threshold you want humidity levels to reach, and a maximum humidity button, which allows you to set the highest threshold you want humidity levels to reach. All of the controls are straightforward and intuitive, offering total control.
  • LED display - The LED display gives a clear indication of the current conditions within your terrarium or vivarium, letting you know when it is safe to use a spray bottle or move the adjustable hose and if there are any humidity issues within the tank.
  • Power-off protection - The unit also has a cut-off when it registers the absence of water. This will power down the unit until you fill it up again, protecting it from damage.
  • Activated carbon filter - The unit has a built-in activated carbon filter over the air inlet, so you can be certain that no airborne impurities will get into the reservoir if you are carefully controlling the composition of the mist.
  • Adjustable hose -The misting tube is an extendable hose made from corrugated plastic for flexibility and stability, paired with the included heavy-duty suction cups it can be moved into any position required for your enclosure.


Brand Swell
Built-in hygrostat Yes
Water reservoir 4 Litre
Dimensions 200 x 162 x 277mm
Input voltage 100-240V 50/60Hz
Wattage 25W
Minimum control range 25%-85%
Maximum control range 30%-90%
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