Swell Fogging System

A reptile fogger to create atmospheric terrarium mist

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  • Hydrating fogging system for humid rainforest enclosures
  • Creates a mysterious atmosphere that looks spectacular
  • Comes with an impressive 160cm of tubing and 1 year warranty
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What is the Swell Fogging System?

The Swell Fogging System is the perfect reptile fogger to maintain humidity levels in your rainforest reptile's terrarium. Like other reptile foggers, the Swell Fogging System is made to the highest standards and features an adjustable fog output control for easy use. This model has a sleek design that will look great next to any tropical enclosures while providing high humidity levels.

Why should I buy this reptile fogger?

The fogger is more than capable of increasing terrarium humidity levels by 100%, giving your reptile a regular dose of moisture in their environment in the form of a mist rather than a potentially mess-making rainstorm. It comes with a generous 160cm adjustable hose misting tube, no-spill valve and suction cups to help deliver the mist at an impressive 250ml per hour fog output. This model also boasts a larger tank water reservoir than other brands and a longer power cord, making it a fantastic choice. The unit even comes with a 1-year warranty for added peace of mind.

What does a fogger do for reptiles?

Rainforest reptiles like chameleons, geckos and frogs need a higher humidity level than will be found anywhere else in your house. While this can sometimes be achieved with a spray bottle, this method can be laborious, time-consuming and requires your almost constant attention. Instead, you can opt for the Swell Fogging System, perfect for providing a brilliant mist in your rainforest terrarium and keeping your reptile happier than ever.

What do I need to buy with my reptile fogger?

You can use your reptile fogger over 2 enclosures with the HabiStat Dual Outlet, which will allow you to run two setups at the same time. Tap water isn't suitable for use in reptile foggers as it can damage the water tank and chip. We recommend using distilled water or spring water, which will be better for your pet and the mechanism.



Brand Swell
Tubing included Yes
Tubing length 160cm
Guarantee 1 year
Reservoir size 2 litre
Power cable length 120cm
Max flow rate Up to 250ml/h
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