Exo Terra Mini Fogger Membrane

Create a more humid environment for your rainforest reptile

At a glance...
  • Replacement membrane for Exo Terra Mini Fogger
  • Helps your reptile shed
  • Ideal for Frogs, Geckos and other rainforest species
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This product is a replacement membrane for the Exo Terra Mini Fogger, which creates a more humid environment for your rainforest reptile to thrive in, the Exo Terra Mini Fogger turns normal water into a fine mist to rehydrate your reptile terrarium interior, allowing your reptile some home comforts by simulating rainforest humidity levels.

Not only does this mist look pretty cool, but it helps your reptile shed and even breathe a little easier, and when it settles it creates a morning dew on your terrarium decor - a favourite way for many reptiles to drink as they would do in the wild.

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