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Swell Reptiles Bamboo Reptile Drinking Fountain

A great way to encourage drinking behaviours in your reptiles

At a glance...
  • Drinking fountain to encourage reptile drinking behaviour
  • Bamboo design blends into vivarium decor easily
  • Food cup holder built into the top of the fountain
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This not only looks fantastic but is a great way to get a fussy reptile to drink. A brilliant choice for any enclosure.

What is the Swell Reptiles Bamboo Reptile Drinking Fountain?

The Swell Reptiles Bamboo Reptile Drinking Fountain is a water supply that encourages reptiles to drink. Many reptiles will refuse to drink standing water from a water bowl and will only drink continuously flowing water. This fountain has a small pump that constantly sends water tumbling down the leaves in the fountain to be drunk by your pet. Unlike other fountains, this model is styled to look like a bamboo shoot, to blend into the natural environment of your vivarium, and features a food bowl at the top so you can take care of your pet's food and water at the same time.

Why does my reptile need a drinking fountain?

Reptiles need to drink water just like us. However, in the wild, it is not advised to drink pools of stagnant water as they might hold diseases. Some reptiles instinctually will only drink dripping rainwater or flowing water. The reptile fountain's constant movement recreates this flow, creating aerated drinking water that is appealing to reptiles.

Do I need to buy anything with this drinking fountain?

Depending on the species of your pet, you may need to purchase a dechlorinator to change tap water into suitable drinking water. It's also worth noting that the fountain may affect the humidity within your enclosure, so you may want to pair it with a humidity gauge depending on your animal's needs.

How do I set up this fountain?

Installing the fountain is easy as it just needs to be buried in about 1cm of a substrate to give it enough stability for your pet to climb it. The fountain is 19cm tall and 10cm wide with a power cable that is 137cm long, so it will fit into most vivariums easily without taking up too much space.

Please note: You should only use the fountain when it is filled with water, dry running will cause the pump to burn out.



Brand Swell Reptiles
Reservoir capacity 800ml
Carbon filter pad? Yes
Power cable length 137cm
Dimensions 19cm x 10cm
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