Swell Drinking Fountain

Sleek and modern reptile drinking fountain, perfect for encouraging drinking

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  • Reptile drinking fountain for encouraging drinking behaviours
  • Natural moist leaf recreates water sources in the wild
  • Fountain and base unit available
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This unit has a deep-water reservoir, all built into the compact design, and complete with a small pump to move the water down the leaves in a dripper fashion, perfect for arboreal climbers like Yemen chameleons. The force of this flow can be adjusted to provide as good a flow as you require.

This comes with a suction cup on the back which allows for easy installation onto a glass surface - please note this unit can become heavy with the water in, and the suction cup alone will not allow for high placement but is better sat on the floor with decoration around. For wooden vivariums, this could be installed on a screw, though care should be taken to ensure the size is correct for both the unit and the wood - this is not supplied. Alternatively, you can now purchase the base unit separately to hold the unit in place. This unit is purchased on its own and comes without the fountain itself, which will need to be purchased as well.

The leaf detail means the water drips down, creating a perfect area for reptiles to drink from, and the water is then constantly flowing through the unit via the pump in the reservoir. Included is a carbon pad, helping to clean and purify the water.

This measures 26cm x 10cm, and comes with a 2.5W pump, meaning it's low wattage and efficient to use. There is a 1 year warranty, though as long as the small pump is well maintained there should be no issues!

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