Swell Bamboo Plant Dripper

Meets all your pets drinking needs while creating a beautiful landscape

At a glance...
  • Creates a natural bamboo forest landscape
  • Height of 23cm or 45cm to fit in different terrariums
  • Safe and easy to clean resin
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What is the Swell Bamboo Plant Dripper?

The Swell Bamboo Plant Dripper is made from a safe resin which is easy to clean and it features a ultra-quiet water pump with an anti dry design to avoid damage when low on water. It has extra connectable bamboo to increase the height to 23cm and 45cm so you can fit it into any size terrarium as well as being able to adjust the water pump flux according to the height of the bamboo

What are the benefits of this plant dripper?

  • Meets all of your pets’ drinking requirements
  • Ultra-quiet water pump with anti-dry design
  • Safe and easy to clean
  • Bamboo design creates a natural forest landscape
  • Adjustable water pump flux according to the bamboo height
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