HabiStat Telescopic Pocket Snake Hook

A portable snake hook for easy handling while travelling

At a glance...
  • A telescopic stainless steel snake hook
  • Retracts to fit in a pocket with ease
  • Strong metal design suitable for small and medium snakes
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This is a must for any snake keeper out and about, it’s a great little tool that will always see use as you’re out and about.

What is the HabiStat Telescopic Pocket Snake Hook?

The HabiStat Telescopic Pocket Snake Hook is a telescopic snake hook for safe snake handling on the go. The hook is normally 66cm and collapses down to 20cm to tuck in a shirt pocket or a bag, making it much more portable than other hooks. While it is portable, this hook is also very strong as it is made from stainless steel, which has the added benefit of making the Habistat snake hook easy to clean.

Why do I need a snake hook?

Snake hooks are important for reptile keepers as they are both more comfortable for snakes than being handled by hand and safer for restraining feisty animals. Hooks recreate the feeling of sitting on a branch for a snake so they naturally relax and perch.



Brand HabiStat
Material Stainless steel
Colour Metallic
Weight 0.04kg
Length 20-66cm
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