Swell Collapsible Standard Snake Tongs

The best tool for dealing with territorial snakes

At a glance...
  • Collapsible snake tongs for feeding and handling
  • Smart design offers better and more comfortable control
  • Sturdy, collapsable segment for easy storage
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For larger snakes such as pythons, you may want to consider a set of these Swell Reptiles Swell Collapsible Standard Snake Tongs, available in 130cm (when fully extended), allowing you better and more comfortable control over your snake.

These Snake Tongs feature a wider bottom section than most, helping to keep your snake firmly in place, whilst the top arm gives you the ability to restrain your snake in a manner that causes minimum stress to both your snake and yourself.

Easily stored after use, simply pull and fold to collapse then into a more compact shape for simple storage.

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