Swell Standard Snake Tongs (2 Sizes)

A fantastic tool for handling territorial snakes

At a glance...
  • Standard snake tongs for feeding and handling
  • Smart design offers both comfort and control
  • Made from tough metals to ensure long-lasting durability
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While hatchling and juvenile snakes can often easily be handled using protective gloves, as you snake gets bigger you will probably need to keep some Swell Standard Snake Tongs handy, especially if they tend to have an aggressive handling or feeding response.

Available as 100cm, these Swell Standard Snake Tongs allow you to handle your snake in a safer way as they get larger and therefore marginally more dangerous. With better and more regular handling, your snake will most likely become more docile too, as they become more adjusted to the experience and therefore before less aggressive.

Made from high quality materials, Swell Reptile's tongs are designed with the comfort of both you and your snake in mind. The pincer arm and slightly wider bottom section hold your snake firmly and safely, whilst causing minimal stress to the reptile.

A comfortable handle means that you can grip the handle and control the pincer movement confidently without the risk of slipping. We have a collection of tongs and snake hooks for large snakes and reptiles.

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