Protective Gloves

These excellent quality gloves offer the protection you need from bites or scratches and the material used is designed for reptile comfort, made from materials that are less likely to damage their teeth or their jaw. They are available to buy singly, for either your right or left hand depending on which one is most likely to be targeted during handling.

If you are having an aggressive response from your reptile during handling, you can read on below for some opinions about our handling gloves from some of our customers at Swell Reptiles, and take a look at our blog article on How Best to Handle Aggressive Snakes - the more you know and the better protected you and your snake or lizard are, the easier handling becomes.

We asked some of our customers whether they use handling gloves for holding their reptiles and this is what they said...

Crestie Owner, Anthony Didsbury: "I use them for one of my cresties. When I hold my Burmese python though there are no problems. But when I go to get the crestie, out comes the gloves"

Iguana owner, Riette Van Der Merwe: "I use them because I'm busy taming my Iggy. Can deal with tail whipping, but don't want him to bite me"

Snake owner, Toby Relaxed: "I use gloves is to feed my big girl. She's a bit thick and normally misses the rat and gets the glove"

Bearded Dragon owner, Kat Thomas: "When my beardie was a baby and a bit nippy I used gloves. But I think it's rare to get a bite from one as an adult. Depends on the animal and temperament".