Swell Python Hooks (100cm & 140cm)

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First of its kind in the UK. This large, sturdy Python Hook is great for all types of large reptile, giving you greater control while handling for the safety of you and your reptile.


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Product Information

Here at Swell Reptiles, we take great pride in bringing our customers the most innovative, high quality products with safety in mind. With that in mind, we are excited to present the Swell Python Hook for the first ever time in the United Kingdom!

These Python Hooks are great for all types of large snakes, Crocodiles, Iguanas and other big reptiles. They are ideal for use in wildlife parks, zoos and for large animal handlers.

Safety is paramount when handling such large creatures, and the welfare and comfort of all involved should be a priority. Our hooks allow for a great distance when moving the reptile, the sturdy hook will safely hold the animal causing mimimum stress.

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