Swell Live Silent Brown Crickets Pre-Pack

Live crickets suitable for staple reptile diets

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  • Silent Brown crickets livefood available in a variety sizes
  • A great source of nutrition, suitable for a staple diet
  • Ideal for most reptiles
I wouldn't trust any other website for my reptile supplies. All the live feed I order comes in good time and healthy on arrival everytime.

What is a Swell Live Silent Brown Crickets Pre-Pack?

Swell Live Silent Brown Crickets Pre-Pack is a secured pre-packed container containing live food crickets for feeding reptiles and amphibians. Live crickets are popular with many animals including Bearded dragons, geckos, frogs and even large invertebrates.

Silent Brown Crickets are an excellent choice of live crickets as they don't make the normal chirping sound that standard Black crickets make. Overall, they are a favourite of reptile keepers as they make feeding reptiles, especially lizards, easy and are popular among many species.

How long will live Brown crickets last?

With proper care, under the correct conditions with a portion of good food and a water source, it is reasonable to expect live crickets to last around a month. However, if improperly cared for, you can find dead crickets after only a handful of days - especially in the winter months.

Please note: During the winter months, your live food may appear dead. However, this is quite unlikely thanks to our fast delivery service, it is more likely that each cricket has entered a dormant state due to the harsh weather conditions. To learn about reviving live food from a dormant state and getting them active after being shipped, you can read our guide on receiving insects during winter.

How much would 1000 crickets cost?

Depending on the average cricket size you are looking to buy the cost could range from fairly cheap, for small crickets, to around £100, for large specimens, in our store when bought individually. However, unlike other sites, we offer bulk bags of crickets at more reasonable prices to help you stock up when you need to.

When buying insects in bulk, we strongly recommend ensuring you are prepared to store and care for the insects, taking account of the food and water needs of the insects.

How do you keep live food alive?

Live food, no matter the species, requires food and water, just like any other animal, as well as an enclosure. Generally speaking, the better they are cared for and maintained the more nutrition your live food will offer as feed. Some common live food feeds include fruit, such as an apple and pear, or vegetables, like a potato.

Most species can be gut-loaded with vitamins and protein before a feed to suit the diet of your pet. We offer a live food care kit to give you everything you need to care for your Brown crickets, ensuring they stay healthy and live longer.

How do you order live Brown crickets?

Live Brown crickets can be ordered from our Swell Reptiles online shop at any time. Simply add the crickets to your basket and head over to the checkout pages as you would with any other product. Upon receiving your request we will contact our live food supplier who will send out your order on a next-day delivery service.

If you order other products from us at the same time we will send them out separately from our warehouse, so you can expect your parcels' arrival at your house at different times.

Can I serve dead crickets to my pets?

As a general rule of thumb, you should avoid serving dead live food to your pets. Pets are far less likely to be interested in dead food and it is unlikely to contain as many nutrients as live foods.

Livefood food is despatched directly from the supplier the same day if you order before 12pm and the next day if you order after 12pm. Livefood is delivered Monday to Thursday on a next working day delivery service. Livefood is not suitable for express delivery.



Species Gryllus assimilis
Nutritional information Moisture - 68.8%, Fat - 9.3%, Calcium - 0.17%, Protein - 16.4%, Calcium/Phosphorus Ratio - 0.77%


SKU Average Size Average Number of Crickets
A517 1-3mm 500
A512 4-5mm 250
A524 6-8mm 175
A531 8-12mm 125
A507 12-18mm 100
A502 15-20mm 50
A521 20-30mm 25
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