Swell Live Black Field Crickets Bulk-Bags

Bulk live crickets suitable for most reptiles

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  • Black field cricket livefood available in a variety sizes
  • Cost-effective bulk bags
  • Sizes vary from 1-3mm to 20-30mm
All insects were clean and had no overpowering odour when opening the bags. Fast delivery and easy ordering.

What are Swell Live Black Field Crickets Bulk-Bags?

Swell Live Black Field Crickets Bulk-Bags are a range of bulk bag packs of Black crickets that have been bred as reptile food. Black crickets are similar to Brown crickets and are a favourite of many of the most popular reptiles and amphibians. If you want to check that Black crickets are right for your pet you can check out our range of care guides to find out and learn about the proper supplementation to give your pet a complete diet. 

Why should I buy Black field crickets in bulk bags?

Black crickets in general make a great choice for Bearded dragons, Water dragons, chameleons, Leopard geckos and Crested geckos, they are also commonly fed to frogs and even some birds. The crickets are quite large and meaty while offering more nutrition than Brown crickets, making them the ideal choice for a staple diet. A bulk bag offers several advantages over a day pack as long as you have a large container to store the crickets, it is much more cost-effective and reduces the frequency of orders so you can save on wait times and delivery fees.

How long do Black field crickets live?

We send our Black crickets to you via a fast delivery service to guarantee you receive them young and with plenty of time to serve. Live crickets will stay healthy for about a month when kept in good conditions with plenty of food and water. 

What can I feed Black crickets?

Black crickets will eat most fruits and vegetables, however, the best thing to give them is bran and rolled oats. Cereals and grains give them lots of energy to develop into a stronger feed. Before feeding your pet, you should feed the crickets high-vitamin fruits and use calcium powder to dust them, offering as much nutrition as possible to your pet.

Livefood food is despatched directly from the supplier the same day if you order before 12pm and the next day if you order after 12pm. Livefood is delivered Monday to Thursday on a next working day delivery service. Livefood is not suitable for express delivery.



Species Teleogryllus commodus
Nutritional information Moisture - 66.7%, Fat - 12.0%, Calcium - 0.18%, Protein - 15.8%, Calcium/Phosphorus Ratio - 0.82%


Product SKU Average Size Average Number of Crickets
4-5mm approx 500 Black Crickets A113 4-5mm 500
7-12mm approx 1000 Black Crickets A110 7-12mm 1000
12-20mm approx 500 Black Crickets A104 12-20mm 500
20-30mm approx 500 Black Crickets A125 20-30mm 500
5-8mm approx 1000 Black Crickets A127 5-8mm 1000
7-12mm approx 500 Black Crickets A109 7-12mm 500
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