Swell Live Mealworms Bulk-Pack

Bulk live Mealworms for most reptiles and invertebrates

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What is a Swell Bulk Live Mealworms?

Swell bulk live Mealworms are large bags of live Mealworms that make outstanding live food for garden birds, reptiles and amphibians. Live mealworms are full of fats and proteins to enrich the diet of your reptile pets and wild birds, making for a well-rounded and delicious meal. 

As the mealworms themselves are vegetarian, they are less likely to carry diseases than offal-fed larvae such as maggots. Clean, odourless and inexpensive, live mealworms often cost little more than dried mealworms or other bird food.

Can I feed my reptile Mealworms?

Yes, Mealworms are a popular reptile food as they are protein-rich and present almost no risk to feeding reptiles. They can help combat metabolic bone disease as they are easily dusted with calcium and they are fairly low-maintenance. Reptile keepers tend to use them as a stable feed, introducing treats such as Waxworms occasionally. They are rarely left uneaten and are popular with most species, including Bearded dragons.

Do Mealworms make good bird food?

Insect-eating garden birds and domestic birds love both live and dried mealworms. Mealworms are a protein-rich food that's easy to catch and carry, making them perfect for insectivorous birds. Unlike other larvae, Mealworms are less fatty, making them a good feed for pet birds like House sparrows.

Unlike dried Mealworms which look like dead worms and are off-putting to garden birds, live Mealworms are more appealing to wild birds as their movements are attractive. To support smaller birds and parent birds, we recommend putting out rolled oats and live Mealworms in your bird feeders through the Winter months and Spring breeding season.

How long will live Mealworms last?

Mealworms usually take a few weeks to turn into Darkling beetles from the time they arrive. Cold temperatures slow the change, so we recommend keeping them in a garage or utility room with little heating. It's important to remember that the worms must still be kept and cared for before feeding, ensure you give them a little water and rolled oats as well as keeping them in their enclosure with some ventilation. 

What do live Mealworms turn into?

Mealworms turn into a small harmless beetle that makes a poor feed called a Darkling beetle (sometimes known as a Mealworm beetle). Darkling beetles are not harmful and can be used in a pinch as food, although they are quite chewy so many birds and reptiles may turn their noses up at them.

Can you throw away live Mealworms?

We recommend against throwing away live Mealworms. If you intend on getting rid of your mealworms, we recommend freezing them to protect the local environment before disposal. Although many birds will prey upon the live worms, you can't be sure they'll escape, breed and become a pest in the local area. This is also why it's important to limit the number of wild birds in your feeder at a time.

Livefood food is despatched directly from the supplier the same day if you order before 12pm and the next day if you order after 12pm. Livefood is delivered Monday to Thursday on a next working day delivery service. Livefood is not suitable for express delivery.



Species Tenebrio molitor
Average Size 20-30mm
Nutritional information Moisture - 68.0%, Fat - 8.5%, Calcium - 0.02%, Protein - 19.5%, Calcium/Phosphorus Ratio - 0.05%


Product Pack Weight
A3130 250g
A31300 500g
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