Swell Live Locusts Bulk-Pack

Stock up on these bulk live Locusts for reptiles

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  • Protein packed Locusts available in bulk bags
  • Suitable for a staple diet
  • Cost-effective bulk bags

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What is a Swell Live Locusts Bulk-Pack?

Swell Live Locusts Bulk-Packs are large pre-packed bundles of live Locusts that have been bred to feed reptiles, amphibians and other exotic pets. Live Locusts are a good alternative to crickets and a very popular food source in their own right, as they're slow-moving.

Locusts are also a good choice for reptiles with movement problems or disabilities as they still move enough to make an attractive food source without challenging your pet. Their higher protein level is also beneficial for egg-laying lizards, such as Bearded dragons. Overall, they are an excellent live reptile food, easy to identify thanks to their bright yellow wing case, offering good value and nutrition.

Why should I buy Locusts in bulk bags?

Locusts are good quality live food that will survive for a month or longer if cared for correctly. By buying a bulk bag of Locusts you can save a significant amount of money on your live food insects. Locusts are easy to keep, requiring only a little water and a strictly vegetarian diet. They also have an amazing growth rate, which means that you will find smaller adult Locusts getting significantly bigger over time. If you have the space to hold a large number of Locusts and the resources to care for them, this is the best way to stock up.

Are Locusts good live food insects?

Locusts make excellent food for many lizards, including water dragons and large chameleons. A common lizard keeper concern is around locusts biting their reptiles however this isn't a problem as, unlike other insects, Locusts are vegetarian and will only pinch in defence - something most reptiles can overcome due to Locusts being slightly slower moving. Their vegetarian diet also means Locusts have a high vegetable gut content so they will offer plenty of nutrition to your pets.

Do Locusts need fresh insecticide-free grass to eat?

Locusts can eat a diet made up of almost any waste plant and vegetable matter. However, it is important to avoid anything coated in insecticides. Most Locust keepers will feed their insects fruit and veg, with sweet fruit being their favourite meal, to gut-load them with vitamins and offer more nutrition to their pets.

Livefood food is despatched directly from the supplier the same day if you order before 12pm and the next day if you order after 12pm. Livefood is delivered Monday to Thursday on a next working day delivery service. Livefood is not suitable for express delivery.



Species Schistocerca gregaria
Nutritional information Moisture - 73.2%, Fat - 5.8%, Calcium - 0.04%, Protein - 15.9%, Calcium/Phosphorus Ratio - 0.19%


Product SKU Average Size Average Number of Locusts
Livefood Locust Adult (BULK Bag of 50) A003 60-80mm 50
Livefood Locust Ex Large (BULK Bag of 50) AA008 35-50mm 50
Livefood Locust Large (BULK Bag of 50) A013 20-35mm 50
Livefood Locust Medium (BULK Tub 50) A018 12-20mm 50
Livefood Locust Small (BULK Tub 50) A023 10-12mm 50
Livefood Locust Small (BULK Tub 100) A024 10-12mm 100
Livefood Locust Medium (BULK Bag 100) A019 12-20mm 100
Livefood Locust Large (BULK Bag 100) A014 20-35mm 100
Livefood Locust Ex Large (BULK Bag 100) AA009 35-50mm 100
Livefood Locust Adult (BULK Bag of 100) A004 60-80mm 100
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