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ProRep Bug Gel - For Live Food Hydration 500ml

Great source of hydration for feeder insects

At a glance...
  • Provides a source of clean, fresh water for feeder insects
  • Contains water and polyacrylamide gel
  • Reduces the risk of drowning
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ProRep Bug Gel is the easy and safe way to give your crickets, locusts or any other live food feeder-insects the level of hydration they require to stay healthy for your reptile.

Due to their small size and communal living arrangements, feeder insects are at risk from drowning when given water in normal liquid form. This means they never get as far as your reptiles enclosure to become food, because they will have drowned. Giving them water can often cost you money and cheat your reptile out of a meal.

However, not providing hydration is just as bad, leaving your insects in a less nutritious state for your reptile when it comes to feeding time.

ProRep Bug Gel is the perfect answer way to hydrate your insects. Containing pure water in a polyacrylamide gel, your bugs can not get trapped and drown.

Place a little in a shallow dish in their enclosure and watch the insects drink it safely. Replace daily if uneaten as it will degrade when in contact with the air.

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