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Reptile Tongs

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Help and advice on shopping for: Reptile Tongs

Prevent feeding accidents

Many reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates get very excited during a feed and will often strike or lunge at their food. To prevent any accidental bites and bruises, we have created a range of reptile tongs, including many of our own products.

What are reptile tongs?

Reptile tongs are extendable claws that are used to pick up and place food within a reptile’s enclosure or even hold a reptile back if they are particularly defensive. The tongs are designed so that even if a reptile strikes at them they will not be damaged. All tongs are easy to use and maintain.

Why should I buy reptile tongs?

There is no better way to keep your reptile safe at feeding time than with a pair of reptile tongues. Reptile tongs are fairly cheap, easy to use and will keep working for years, making them the perfect investment for a reptile keeping newcomer.

What are the main types of reptile tongs?

We sell two types of reptile tongs, standard tongs and collapsable tongs. Standard tongs are a set length and can be bought in a range of sizes to suit your reptile. Collapsable tongs are designed to collapse down into a more convenient size for travelling, making them ideal if you intend on taking your snake out anywhere.

What should I look for?

When buying reptile tongs, the key is to find a pair that will suit both your reptiles feed and the reptile themselves. If possible measure both your reptile and their food before making a purchase.