Lucky Reptile Braplast Boxes

Great for transport to and from the vets and for short-term quarantine

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  • Used to house young invertebrates
  • Safe plastic boxes with hinged lids
  • Available in 2 colours
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What are the Lucky Reptiles Braplast Boxes?

The Lucky Reptiles Braplast Boxes are practical plastic boxes that will make fantastic temporary homes for your reptiles and they are safe and affordable. They are also great for reptile breeding as well, as they allow you to view your reptiles from every angle to ensure that they are doing just fine

They can be used for transportation to and from the vets and for short term quarantine. They can make a more permanent home for invertebrates that are intimidated by wide open living spaces, and are great for reptile racking

What are the benefits of these boxes?

  • Make a great home for young invertebrates
  • Available in 2 colours
  • Can be used to observe breeding reptiles
  • Great for transportation or for a short quarantine

The 5.8 litre is a simple box while the others have hinged lids as our images show

Product Size Volume
Lucky Reptile Braplast Box 1.3l 185x125x75mm, transparent 1.3l
Lucky Reptile Braplast Box 3l 245x185x75mm, transparent 3.0l
Lucky Reptile Braplast Box 5.8l 185x185x190mm, transparent 5.8l
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